Film is a wild window through which we can all experience adventures big and small – from the first ascent of a mountain peak, to the calm solitude of a tarn swim to rhythmic beat of dark city run...

Join us on tour and enjoy exhilarating landscapes, courageous human spirit, and profound journeys through the big screen.
Film selections are tailored for each tour evening, so they vary from venue to venue - but we can guarantee you’ll love whichever ones you see.

These films are from our 2020 tour, the films to be included in the 2021 tour will be announced soon.
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Alpinist and mountain guide Robert Jasper heads out to Greenland for a solo expedition to celebrate his 50th birthday.


Billder tells the story of Bill McLane, a mountain bike trail builder. We’ll find out what trails mean to him and how his work impacts his community.

Bob and Marion

Bob and Marion have done so many miles and marathons between them and continue to run within marriage and ‘maturity’.

Coming Home

Paddy O’Leary grew up in Ireland, but didn’t discover his love for running until he moved to San Francisco. He returns to Ireland to run the 115km Wicklow Round and rediscover his home.

Deep Water

A captivating exploration of fear, mentorship, and deep water soloing in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam with psicobloc pioneer Tim Emmett and competition climber Kyra Condie.


A life-changing accident left Jezza Williams as a C5 tetraplegic. He now runs an inclusive adventure tourism business and is on a mission to make adventure sports accessible to all.

Boys from the Back of Beyond

They say it takes a village to raise a child... But it takes an extraordinary village to raise a pair of Olympians. In 2016 brothers Gary and Paul O'Donovan became the world's unlikeliest Olympic heroes when they won Ireland's first ever rowing medal. Hailing from tiny Skibeereen, west Cork, this is the uplifting and comedic underdog story of how a rural community took on the elite sport of rowing.

The Flip

French Skydiver Remi Angeli must face his fears in order to explore new expressions of movement while BASE jumping in Mexico. On the other side of his fear he discovers life in its purest form.


Four world-class freeskiers are dropped at Chatter Creek in British Columbia for one week. Their instructions: charge as hard as you can every day.

Well Preserved

A group of women brave the waters of the Faroe Islands for their morning dip.

Life of Pie

'Pizza & bikes can fix anything'... Life of Pie tells the story of Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller, two mountain bikers on a mission to reshape their conservative community through advocacy —and pizza.